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Eastside Women’s Memorial

November 30, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

** Trigger Warning**
Expo 86 commoditized sex work in Vancouver to service the thousands of tourists who came, but with no plan to protect the sex workers. They were simply part of the cost, the brutal reality of patriarchy and misogyny. Today, cruise ships drop off millions of tourists on our shores.

From 1978 to 2001, at least 65 women disappeared from the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver. Robert Pickton was charged with murdering 26 of the women, convicted on six charges, and claimed to have murdered 49 women.

A survey  of sex trade workers conducted by the Prostitution Alternatives Counselling and Education (PACE) Society revealed that acts of violence against these women were frequent. They were subjected to robberies, beatings, kidnappings and forced confinement. The survey showed “a gulf between acts of violence suffered and acts of violence reported.” The findings indicated a profound distrust of police and other authorities.

Pickton was only one of several super predators that preyed on our neighbors in the Pacific Northwest on both sides of the Medicine Line. Little has been done to ensure people are safe today.

Security of person is the primary purpose of all governments. We are profoundly failing in ensuring security for the most vulnerable of our sisters.  We begin by not forgetting those we failed the most.

Cultural Support by TSow Tun Le Lum

Emotional Support by Spectra Consulting

Sovereign Bodies Institute (SBI) builds on Indigenous traditions of data gathering and knowledge transfer to create, disseminate, and put into action research on gender and sexual violence against Indigenous people. SBI is committed to:

Conducting, supporting, and mobilizing culturally-informed and community-engaged research on gender and sexual violence against Indigenous people

Uplifting Indigenous researchers, knowledge keepers, and data visualists in their work to research and disseminate data on gender and sexual violence against Indigenous people

Empowering Indigenous communities and nations to continue their work to end gender and sexual violence against Indigenous people, through data-driven partnerships that enhance research efforts, develop best practices, and transform data to action to protect and heal their peoples.

SBI is a home for generating new knowledge and understandings of how Indigenous nations and communities are impacted by gender and sexual violence, and how they may continue to work towards healing and freedom from such violence. In the spirit of building such freedom, SBI is strongly committed to upholding the sovereignty of all bodies Indigenous peoples hold sacred–our physical bodies, nations, land, and water–and does not accept grants from colonial governments or extractive industries. Similarly, SBI’s work is not limited by colonial borders, concepts of gender, politics of identity or recognition, or ways of knowing. SBI honors the epistemologies and lifeways of indigenous peoples, and is bound by accountability to the land, our ancestors, and each other. SBI is an Affiliate of Seventh Generation Fund, a non-profit at the forefront of Indigenous leadership for 40 years. (from their website)


November 30, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


0_CHI Our Community Health Initiative
888 241 9992


Grove of Souls – Bastion Square
1219 -1/2 Langley St
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1W2 Canada
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888 241 9992
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